Make your own Zama T-shirt!
Here is a graphic to make your own shirt like mine



  •   Step 1:  Download a Zama T-Shirt Graphic

  •   Step 2:  Create a one page document in Word, Powerpoint, etc and Place the Graphic in Center

  •   Step 3:  Print it on  T-Shirt Transfer Ink Jet Paper

  •   Step 4:  Iron it on your new favorite t-shirt




There are 4 graphics included in the download (.ZIP) file: 

  • one with BLACK Text

  • one with WHITE Text


  • one with BLACK text in REVERSE

  • one with WHITE text in REVERSE

You TYPICALLY want to print the REVERSE image.
T-Shirt Transfer Paper is available at any office supply store (office depot, office max, etc)
and wallmart, bestbuy, etc.   AVERY makes transfers for dark t-shirts and light tshirts - there are others, too.
(why there is white lettering and black lettering designs - ALTHOUGH, you can't PRINT WHITE typically unless
you have a printer than can)


Click this line to download the ZIP file with the four images ( .GIF graphics)



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