Memory Lane

Those "Stereo" years...

I got a charge out of Tom Ishimoto's sound systems.  I came home from Vietnam with AR2ax and also had AR4x for remote speakers.  Gave them away about 6 years ago, as far as I know, they still work (the 2ax, the 4x crapped out maybe 10 years ago)  I also had a Dual 1219 turntable with a Sure V15 TypeII, but eventually moved on to a Stanton 681EEE which worked better.  Sadly, the Dual also crapped out after about 17 years and I now use a B&O which I can barely tolerate.  I still spin a few vinyl disks once or twice a year.


You probably can't make out the 35 year old Sansui 5000A receiver, but it's still working great.  Also visible are maybe 400 albums on various shelves.  Double cassette decks including my old Nakamichi which doesn't get much use once I put CD players in the cars.  CD collection is hiding in the 300 disk player below the turntable..

Ed G
Zama 67


photos submitted by Ed Groden '67

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