Rick, Here are some pictures from Germany.  Hildegard is from a small town norteast of Stuttgart.  We don't go to vacation, Hilde's Mom will be 91 this year so we go to see her and give Hildes sister a chance to take a vacation from taking care of her.
The town of Heubach has everything you would expect in a German town, a castle ruin, a fountain, old buildings, a brewery and this time of year a May tree.
Photo 1.  The castle ruin on the Rosenstein.  Taken from the back yard of my sister-in-laws house.


Photo 2.  The happy travelers with castle in back ground.

Photo 3.  Fountain in town square


Photo 4.  Hildegard and her sister at the Mai Baum in front of the Rathaus.  (City Hall)


Photo 5.  The whole Mai Baum.


Photo 6.  The brewery Gasthof Golden Hirsch with the old brewery behind it, now a very nice Gasthaus.


Photo 7.  The last couple of years we have been meeting with some of the folks Hildegard went to school with, this way she can't complain when I drag her to Zama functions.


Photo 8.  Have to have a German car in here, how about the newest Smart car.  The guy who designed the Swatch watch came up with this two seater built by Mercedes.  They are a big seller now with Gas being over $4.00 a gallon.

Photo 9.  Forgot this was in the camera.  Not Germany.  Lyle Bishop '60, Dan Brown '62 and Ed Canell '61 on Dan's boat scouting out the Myrtle Beach event.