Pictures by Rick Pemble '72

Takayama, Japan   06-08 Oct, 2005


On October 6-8,  Susan and I went to Takayama, Japan.   Takayama was described as "the little Kyoto of the Japan Alps".
Characterized by old Japan, Takayama is host to the 'old japan' way of life.

Susan and I arrived from Tokyo by taking a SHINKANSEN to Nagoya, and the limited mountain express to Takayama.


Here is a photo journal of our visit.  When we first arrived, we were early for the RYOKAN check-in, so we visited
a local temple, and then walked across the river to 'old town'.  
That night, we checked in to our traditional Japanese inn, called a Ryokan, and began our immersion in the
Japanese lifestyle.   Our room was of Tatami mats,  we slept on Futons, etc.   And were served unbelievable
ornate and delicious meals.

The next morning, we hiked several miles up the mountain to the craft village - a village of ancient crafts.
Along the way we saw an old Japanese house -- like the one in 'The Last Samurai' movie.

Those pictues and some of the town of Takayama, await with the push of the 'next' button below.



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